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****This site was last updated on  18th June  2002****

This Sheffield based team started in January 2001. It is part of the National Health Service & is dedicated to 2 things:

1.  Providing help & support in as many ways as possible to young people who are having mental health difficulties.

2. Promoting the proven model of early intervention in psychosis
, & the possibility of recovery.

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What the hell is psychosis anyway? Click here to find out.

Did You Know?
-6 million people in the UK suffer from mental illness - about one person in every ten.
-Three out of four of these people are of working age.
-One in four families are affected by mental illness.
-Mental illness is as common as heart disease & three times as common as cancer

If you think you have psychosis, or know someone who doesClick here to go to:


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******** A STORY *******

How early is 'Early Psychosis'? A review of some of the research on trying to identify psychosis as early as possible

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