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History of Frome Town

The market town of Frome, located in the north east corner of Somerset close to the counties of Dorset, Wiltshire and Bath & North East Somerset, has a long and interesting history. There are more Grade I and II listed buildings surviving than in any other Somerset town, to remind inhabitants or visitors alike of the once prosperous trade based on the wool industry. What follows is an abridged history of the town, from early beginnings around 700 AD, up-to present day. A number of photographs are included to give a flavour of the town scenescape, which will be added to as and when images become available.

A number of 'old postcard' images are included, many dating from the early 20th centrury.

The 'logo' above in the right hand corner of the page is based on a stylized depiction of St Aldhalm, the founder of Frome in cAD 680.

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