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About Me

Hello there. My clan name is Dusty Mario, which I also use as my professional name. I am of TRUE Romany Gypsy from Monte Cassino in Italy. All my clan were travellers and Psychic Romany Gypsy Dusty Mario Clairvoyants who read Palms, Crystal Ball, Tarot/Cards, performed Gypsy Magick, Spells and other Gypsy lore. I have inherited their gifts and skills, and practice them in the traditional Gypsy way along with my own methods. I am proud of my heritage: the adventure, the travel, the mystery and the spirit of Gypsy.

I am a genuine full time professional psychic consultant, clairvoyant, spiritualist medium and Reiki Master healer. I work with and am assisted by spirit, and have been giving readings for quite a number of years. I work purely using my own intuition and mainly use Medieval Scapini Tarot Cards, my Crystal Ball and Runes as focal centres. My readings are psychic and intuitive, connecting with and using spirit guidance. I do not use text-book meanings.

I offer a complete psychic and reading service. Your reading with me will be straightforward with no nonsense and will contain predictions. Because of ethical and professional reasons, I do not make predictions about death, health matters or pending legal cases.

As a professional clairvoyant, I do not “pad” out a reading with common Astrological statements and scripts just to provide you with content, and I won't give you any nonsense. Your reading will be done with empathy and understanding, and of course, everything is in confidence. Also, I am happy to answer questions.  

I am also a master spell caster and advanced practitioner of magick. All my magick and spells are cast using unique methods known only to Gypsies. My Gypsy clan's Book of Shadows contains hundreds of magick spells that have stood the test of time.

I am an honest and reputable psychic, and believe a reading should be an interactive two-way process, therefore, if you have any questions or comments, wish to discuss anything about the reading before or after, please know that you can feel free to contact me. Remember, I am still available to consult after a reading or any other service that I offer. 

There are many psychic services and spell casters out there but what you need is a service that is truly personal and based around your very own needs. You won't find anyone else who can offer such a wide and personal psychic service.

I enjoy helping people and my mission is to help and bring some love and light into your life. Remember, I am here to help and my 'door' is always open for friendly assistance.

My Gypsy clan's gift of psychic work, magick and spells have stood the test of time. Why not let a TRUE Romany Gypsy help you NOW.

You will find the quality of my psychic services are like no others.

Love and Blessings



N.B. I take a professional, moral and ethical approach, and am totally against the misuse and exploitation of the Tarot and other Psychic Services. I don't believe in giving false hopes and promises. I don't believe there is such thing as a fixed destiny or future. I concentrate on helping you achieve your goals and ambitions by focusing on your life and options.


My Guarantee to you: I want you to have a happy and enjoyable experience, and have confidence when you use my services. As a psychic clairvoyant you are placing your trust in me to help you with your problem or issue. Each and every reading that I conduct is unique and is based around your unique energy. I promise that I will give you 100% of my effort, focus and dedication, and do the very best I can when reading for you or providing any other of my services.


Romany Gypsy Dusty Mario








Please note: I can only read for you if you are aged 18 or over. (Please read my full Terms & Conditions.)