Davyhulme sewage works.

A specialist wharf was constructed at the Davyhulme sewage works when canal opened in order to transport sludge out into Liverpool Bay for dumping. (  prior to the construction of the canal this had been dumped directly into the Irwell ! )

Several ships were owned, firstly by Manchester Corporation then by the North West Water Authority,  and user on a regular sludge dumping service until 1987.

The loading berths can still be seen, together with some of the  loading pipes, from the recently opened Millenium Park at Flixton,

A similar facility existed at weaste_wharf.htm and was used by Salford Corporation.


Sludge dock.gif (59953 bytes)

Part of the dock with two of the loading pipes can be seen here,  an identical set of

pipes is just off the left hand side of the photograph.