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The Funny Names Site

Welcome to The Funny Names website.
It contains made up silly and funny names that I have seen or heard and there is even the occasional original entry when I've felt inspired.For an explanation of a name and contributor credits just hover mouse over the name.

It seems that people internationally enjoy word play like this and if you have a funny name you are bursting to tell the world about then put your suggestion in the guestbook. Your contribution will be put on the site if it's family friendly, it's a pun and it amuses us (not too difficult, we're easily pleased!).

A lot of the entries have been heard on Terry Wogans BBC Radio Two show and big thanks go out to those listeners who invent these names when writing to him.

Enjoy your visit - I have a feeling you will groan at some of the names, but hopefully you will find something to make you smile.

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